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        I received the letter below earlier.


From: Kevin Fielding
Sent: Friday, November 21, 2014 8:36 PM
To: Kevin Fielding

Greeting Beloved. I am Mrs Gloria I am Donating some money to you email me as soon as possible address


       I replied

Gee, thanks. I have no bank accounts. Just send me a money order.
        I ate 2 potatoes yesterday.  I should have fasted.  Too many carbs.  Me cranky!  Could not sleep.  No melatonin.  Back aches.

       I wrote my letter to Social Services telling them I feel the owe me $$ for April, May, June, July, August, September, and October because they messed up and did not give me stamps back April. 

       I "missed" my phone appointment in  April because I did not own a phone.  In October, my caseworker never called me at the appointed time.

       I suggested they pay me $100 a month until I am paid what I am owed.

       I was polite and refrained from suggesting prison for the Congress Critters who make the rules.

       But I do hope I live long enough to see them ALL hanged or shot for giving away billions to foreign nations while Americans starve.
        Yesterday Saturday was gonna be a 100% chance of heavy rain.

       At 5PM today, it looked like f I worked in the morning and got home by noon, I could stay dry.

       I just checked again.  Looks like if I am home by 8 or 9PM I should stay relatively dry.

       I'll check again at 5AM when making the last of my food to take with me to work.
        The babes below fall into 4 categories.

       Foreign babes who will marry and fuck me to get into the US. Open immigration sure seems a lot more reasonable!

       Garden variety gold diggers seeking a rich old guy who will support them so they do not have to work for a living. Seems to me prostitution would be easier as one does not have to live with the john. However if I were sick enough and rich enough, she could retire when I kicked the bucket.

       Shy gals looking for a lover &/or fuck buddy. I can relate to these gals.

       Then there are the Nigerian scammers.

       If you do a google image search on the last 2 gals below you will get MANY hits. All with different names.

       Here is an oddness for you. Many of the gals supposedly come from Biglersville PA. Probably the location of the dating site were someone added my name and info.

       I sure would like to know what was written about me.

Rogues GalleryCollapse )
        I believe I have gotten what I need from the porno-spam dating sites.

       So now I tell the young lades (or guys posing as young ladies) that I never joined any dating site and attach this pic.

       I wonder how long  before they all go away.
        I am not gonna work an 18 hour day.  Probably more $$ on Saturday, considering I have blanked the past 4 days.  I'll sleep today, get up at dawn and check the weather to see how long I can work Saturday.  Hopefully rain will continue to be delayed and I will be able to work the afternoon instead of fleeing home at 11 AM.
        My ancestors all came to the US before there were limits on immigration. Nobody gave them "permission" to come here. They just came to Liberty Island and looked up with tears in their eyes at the Statue of Liberty, donated by French school children giving coper coins.

       Now the racist pigs want to cast out all the illegal immigrants.

       Bullshit, I say! This nation was founded on immigrants!


"I Wonder Which Country I'll Be In, When I Get Out of Here."

Dear Alobar: 

I'm happy that President Obama finally has moved forward with immigration reform. But the six-year-long White House Bad Messaging Plague (WHBMP) continues unabated. We're in danger of losing the public on this issue even before the first work permit is issued. 

President Obama's executive order removes the loaded guns pointed at the temples of five million human beings, who also happen to be undocumented U.S. immigrants. It is a sincere act of compassion and mercy that has eluded House Speaker John Boehner for years, Boehner's utterly hypocritical nattering about the urgent need for immigration reform notwithstanding. If Boehner had ever looked up from his shot glass, he might have seen their sad eyes, and felt some urge to confer simple dignity on them. 

But that's not how the White House staff is telling it. Last night, I received the White House staff's talking points, embargoed until 6 pm. (I received them at 6:03 pm, but nevermind.) 

● The President will "help secure the border." (This is the first thing - the very first thing! - that they said.) 

● The President will hold undocumented immigrants "accountable." How is he holding them "accountable" for entering or remaining in America without permission? By letting them stay. 

● The President will "fix our broken immigration system." How will he fix it? By not enforcing it. 

● The President will "prioritize deporting felons not families." Just as he has deported commas from that phrase, I guess. (Good alliteration, though.) 

Please understand: I'm in favor of President Obama's action - very much so. But this framing by the White House staff just . . . stinks. 

Here is a test for you: Is there anything in these talking points that could not have come out of the Bush White House? Answer: No. 

I've seen a poll or two in my life, so I understand that the terms "secure the border," "accountability," "fixing the broken [fill in the blank]" and "families" poll very well.Families, yay! Felons, boo! I'm very happy, and indeed relieved, that we Democrats now have established our bona fides as the anti-felon party. 

I noted that the White House's very lengthy (i.e. , numbingly repetitive) talking points never mention Boehner or the Republicans - not even once. Instead, the White House extends its devastating six-year-long attack on "Congress," which has succeeded in: (a) driving Congress's approval rating down to single digits; (b) delivering the House to the Republicans in 2010; and (c) delivering the Senate to the Republicans in 2014. If some Higher Being did a retroactive global search and replace on every White House statement since Jan. 20, 2009, searching for "Congress" and replacing it in each instance with "Republicans in Congress," Democrats would have supermajorities right now in both Houses. 

Here is the basic problem: Fox News has gotten into their heads. If you think that the primary purpose of immigration reform is "securing the borders," then your name is Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly or Sean Hannity, not Robert Gibbs, Jay Carney or Josh Earnest. 

With all due respect, these White House staff talking points are a pitiful effort to put a right-wing mask on a left-wing policy - and a meritorious and virtuous left-wing policy at that. But as Professor George Lakoff has demonstrated, even when you rebut the right wing's arguments, you're inadvertently reinforcing them. (As he puts it, "Don't think of an elephant!" You can't. Once the subject of elephants comes up, you're going to think about elephants, whether you like it or not.) 

Look, this is important. The basic rules of existence for five million people are in play.Please, just this once, can't we be progressives? What is so wrong with that? 

Let's try it this way: Every one of us draws a ticket in the womb lottery. Six Waltons had winning tickets; they were born billionaires. The victims of fetal alcohol syndrome have losing tickets; they suffer from terrible physical and mental disabilities. 

There are seven billion people alive today. Only a quarter of a billion of them won the womb lottery, and they were fortunate enough to be born in the United States. Almost fifty million more worked the system well enough to acquire U.S. citizenship. But there are over ten million people who love America so much - so very much - that they left behind their communities, their families, their property, their jobs, and they came here or remain here without the permission of our government. They didn't win the womb lottery, so it's too late for them to be born here. They feel that they were born in the wrong country. Their passports are not blue. But they want to fix that problem. They want to make it right. They can't be American citizens by birth, but instead, they desperately want to be American citizens by choice. 

Isn't that a good thing? That people love what we have created so much that they want to be a part of it, and contribute to it. This isn't a threat, it's a heartfelt compliment. 

My mother is an immigrant. My grandparents were immigrants. We are all the sons and daughters of immigrants, and we are all the children of God. Can we please, please respect each other, and live together in peace and dignity? 

Think of it this way: For whatever reason - lax enforcement of immigration laws, oppression in other countries, the need to survive, whatever - these five million people are our new sisters-in-law and brothers-in-law. The polite thing to do is to welcome them. Repeat after me: "Welcome to the American Family, and thank you for contributing to the American Experience." 


Rep. Alan Grayson 
        Weather is shifting and I have no $$ and no food for Saturday.  Looks like I can work Saturday if I get home by midnight.

       Do I really want to work an 18 hour day today?

       I need $15 by next Wednesday and another $130 by December.  Plus food.
        The variety and desperateness of gold diggers boggles my mind!

       So I get this e-mail from Samantha
Hello how are you ? I'm SAMANTHA Im looking for fuckbuddy are you interested? so hit me back if you are interested  with me ok ..

       She sez she got my e-mail fro a dating site. Now I have never joined a dating site. tell her so and ask the name of the site.

       I sent her photos so she knows I am an old fart.

       She never answers my question.

       My suspicions arise, but I am curious.

       She is from Pennsylvania but just happens to be in New Orleans, and wants to meet to see if we are compatible.

       More suspicions arise.

       I send her an email.
How fortuitous!

I shall be out reading Tarot and Palms on Jackson Square in the French Quarter tonight. It's what I do for a living. I should be all set up by 7PM Corner of St.Peter and Chartres St. Feel free to stop by for a chat. I should be on the Square until ~1AM or maybe later.

When I leave home at ~4PM, I will have no internet until I return home.

Saturday it is supposed to rain, so I am fee to get together with you.

Two things I feel I need to mention to you.

I am an old guy. I don't get hard much these days. I'd love to go down on you but fucking probably won't be possible.'

Are you a smoker? I have strong allergies to second-hand tobacco smoke. If you are a heavy smoker, we probably won't be able to connect sexually. If you are a light smoker I am willling to try for intimacy. Non-smoker is ideal.

       She never answers my questions. She suggests we meet Sunday ~3PM, I suggest the Gelato place near the Square.

       Here is were it gets really weird. Read more...Collapse )
        The Weather Channel as been pushing sales for Christmas items for over a week now.

       The Xmas Tree lighting on Jackson Square is usually done on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. This year it was done on the Thursday before Thanksgiving. And the idiots lit the tree before dark.

       There is a big fucking PUSH to begin the Xmas buying season early because the economy is in deep trouble.

       Usually I make OK $$ between Halloween and Thanksgiving. This year I ain't made shit! I blanked the past 4 days. I have no folding $$ in my pocket, just $2.84 in pocket change. I have no meat to cook for tomorrow.

       Foodstamps are only going to give me $35 a month.

       Ladyhawk is pulling an all nighter in the hopes of making rent $$ so she won't be homeless at noon today.
        A photography student took some pics of me before I colored my hair and before Lakshmi arrived.

       I gotta remember to NOT lean back in my chair cause it makes me look fatter.

        I gotta remember to lay out some Tarot cards so it is more clear what I do.

        Hands on lap is not good either. I should be pointing at the card spread on my table.
        Food stamp people sent me a letter.  I have been "awarded" $35 a month in food stamps.

       I received a letter allowing me to appeal.

       I ain't gonna be polite.  I don't blame the flunkies who are following orders, but the higher-ups who dictated the foodstamp allotment are guilty of attempte murer and need to be sent to prison.  I plan to tell them that.
        This crowd sucks!  Jeff got one reading.  Ladyhawk is about to be homeless.  2 people each gave me $1, one young black guy and one older white woman.  I spent the seed money in my tip jar for groceries.

       It has been cold and the crowd has no interest.  One gy yelled out at me "I believe in Jesus, not that shit!"

       Lots of suits and ties.  Cafe Pontalba is supposed to close at 10PM.  On a slow night they close at 9:30, or maybe 9PM. Tonight they closed at 8.
        Ever since my bad fall in August of 2010, I have had to perch upon my Walker wen bundling up my big cart.

       Tonight, for the first time I was able to bundle up my cart while standing.

       Not only that, but it was EASY!
        Below from Color of Chang.

       Seems to me all the racist pigs in Ferguson need to be rounded up, tried for felonies and sent to prison for a decade or so.


This week, during an event in Ferguson where hundreds of people marched for an end to police brutality, police confiscated our Governor Nixon mobile billboard and arrested the truck driver, who was then held in police custody for hours and later released.1
 Witnesses say police in an unmarked car targeted the driver and ripped him from the truck before he was even able to undo his seat belt.

It's a shameful attempt to silence our message and diminish our power, but we won't be stopped. Now, the "accountability truck" is back on the road and it's time to redouble our efforts to hold Governor Nixon accountable. In just a few days, a grand jury will decide whether or not Officer Darren Wilson will be held acountable for killing Mike Brown — meaning the time for Gov. Nixon to secure a special prosecutor and protect the right to free speech and peaceful protest is now.

Will you help amplify already growing media and public pressure on Governor Nixon?

Share this image of the Governor Nixon "accountability truck" on Facebook.

Tweet this image at Governor Nixon.

Picture of billboard outside Governor Nixon's office, image reads: Go. Nixon, what will you do in this moment with the whole world watching

When communities are prevented from speaking out and challenging their country we are no longer in a democracy; we are no longer in America. From the unconstitutional "keep walking" rule that was ultimately shutdown by a federal judge2 to unlawful arrests, tear gas, and rubber bullets,3 Missouri law enforcement have consistently violated the constitutional right to free speech and peaceful demonstration since Officer Wilson killed Mike Brown. The confiscation of the "accountability truck" and arrest of the driver is just another instance of these outrageous and discriminatory intimidation tactics and police abuse, which Governor Nixon must immediately address.

Right now there are military tanks in St. Louis, which suggest police are preparing to crackdown on peaceful protesters after the grand jury verdict is announced.4 Failure by Governor Nixon to take immediate action to keep Black Missourians safe and secure justice for Mike Brown only condones further police brutality and human rights violations. We will not sit idly by as police treat courageous Missourians as enemy combatants.

If enough people take action today, we can show Governor Nixon the cost of his inaction and hold him accountable for securing a special prosecutor and enforcing a higher standard of police conduct across the state.

Call out Governor Nixon's failed leadership on Facebook.

Demand #JusticeForMikeBrown on Twitter.

Thanks and peace,

—Rashad, Matt, Arisha, Lyla, Jamar and the rest of the ColorOfChange team 
November 10th, 2014


1. "Activists rip Ferguson cops for seizing ‘rolling billboard’ criticizing Gov. Jay Nixon," RawStory 11-06-2014

2. "Ferguson protest leaders seek 48 hours' notice of indictment decision" Guardian 11-06-2014

3. "Police Violated Constitutional Rights Of Ferguson Protesters, Federal Judge Rules" Huffington Post 10-06-2014

4. "On the Streets of America: Human Rights Abuses in Ferguson," Amnesty International Report 10-24-2014

5. ShordeeDooWhop Tweet 11-05-2014


Release the
Torture Report!

Ask Senator Udall to make the torture report public before leaving office.

Dear Alobar,

Sign the petition: Enter the CIA torture report into the congressional record!

The Senate Intelligence Committee’s “torture report” is expected to detail shocking abuse of prisoners at the hands of the CIA during the Bush administration, and even possible CIA lying to Congress.

But seven months after the Senate Intelligence Committee voted overwhelmingly to release the report to the American people, the White House is stonewalling Congress and demanding “redactions”—blacked out sections and information—before making its contents public.

But there’s a way around that—and before the end of the year we have a rare chance to make it happen.

Members of Congress have an absolute right to free speech, and a member could enter the report into the Congressional Record in its entirety—just as the Pentagon Papers were in 1971—without fear of prosecution.

That’s exactly what transparency advocates are calling on outgoing, staunchly anti-torture and pro-transparency Senator Mark Udall (D-CO) to do.

Sign our petition to Senator Udall: Enter the torture report into the Congressional Record.

Thank you for working for peace,

Angela, Stephen, Tom, and the Win Without War team

        On the way home at ~3:45 AM I saw the shopping cart of one of the local people who pick thru the trash looking for re-sellable items. Cart was in the street. In the bike lane outside of the Knights of Peter Klaver (Black, Catholic, pseudo-Masonic folk) meeting hall.

       As I approached I saw the ~60 ear old heavy set Black woman who operated the cart. She was passed-out near the cart, also in the bike lane. Traffic would see the cart and veer around it, even if they did not see the woman.

       The woman did not appear injured or unconscious. Sleeping and/or drunk and out cold.

       On my way to work earlier on Saturday I walked down Roal Street.  In the block which houses the 8th district police station, I passed 3 homeless beggars.  All were white.  All were about my age.  2 women and 1 man.  None were drunk.  None were smoking.  In talking with them, they all sounded middle class and educated. I gave each of them a small bit of pocket change.

       There is a reader I have known for decades.  She now lives someplace were she feels she must commute by cab.  On Saturday night she did not make $$ for cab fare until after I had packed up ~2AM.

       I have $42 in my pocket and groceries for several days.  My ed is comfy and my roof does not leak.

       In comparison to many others, my life is good.
        Yesterday I walked my ass off.  And my body loved me for it!

       As I was putting my work gear away at 2 AM yesterday, I bumped into Tony, the guy who runs the Pirate Alley cafe as he was putting out the trash.  He asked if I still ived at 623.  I said no then explained my move to the TIRC, a 1-1/2 hour round trip walk between home and Jackson Square.  Tony commented how much better I look now that I am walking so much.

       My body agrees. Saturday was a day of walking and my body is less achy today.

       I had to go to buy a money order. stamps & envelopes, and a gallon of water.  Then walk to the Square.  After work I had to bring the stamped envelope with the money order to a hotel which wold mail it for me.

       Yesterday I walked a total of 4 hours and I worked an hour and a half more than normal.

       Walk home was speedy, and fun.  At bedtime, less lower back pain.

       So it is good I am no longer spending $$ on cabs.       
        I went to Rouses twice last night.

       The first time I purchased a gallon of water, food to eat while working last night, and non-perishable items for the next 4 days.

       That consumed all but $6.25 of my food stamp money.

       Later I went back, bought a pound of butter, 2 big chicken breasts (4 half breasts) and 1 jar of BBQ sauce. 

       That killed the foodstamps and I had to add another $20 bill.

       I still need to buy more coconut water and Pomegranate juice for Monday - Wednesday.

       Today is a rain day. I gt to sleep as long as I like. So I am still up w-a-a-y past my bedtime.
        So there is a guy talking at the reader next to me.  No dialog.  All the words flow from the guy to the bewildered reader.

       The guy is attempting to "prove" half-a-dozen unrelated metaphysical concepts using only his linear rational mind.

       He hurt my head.  He reminded me of myself at his age.

       Back in the early 1970s, I was a very linear rational guy who was totally out of touch with my intuitive side.  I thought of myself as a "scientist".  Various people I knew back then kept suggesting I drop some LSD.  I was resistant, but when I finally did, my whole world opened up in ways my previous self could never comprehend.

       So when the fellow finished ranting at the reader next to me, he and his girlfriend walked past my setup.

       "Excuse me, I have some words of wisdom to throw your way.    No charge.  I was overhearing your linear/rational delineations you were making to the guy next to me.

       "For you to experience the ineffable metaphysics of the multiverse, you need to meld both halves of your brain."

       He looked puzzled. "But I do do that!"

       His girlfriend laughed And shook her head in negation.

       I continued, "You need to find yourself a group of metaphysicians skilled in the use of entheogenic sacrament.  You need to trip with them in a safe secure environment.  Not out in public.  In someone's home, or out in the country.  Trip heavy.  Trip hard.  Drink ye deep of the Perian Spring."

       He looked both bewildered and insulted. "But I did all that!"

       I shook my head in negation.  "No you didn't.  Either someone sold you fake psychedelics or you took a teeny-tiny dose which did not do a damn thing!"

       His girlfriend was hopping up and down on one foot.  She punched his shoulder.  She looked a me and shouted "WORD", then looked at him and said "I've been telling you you have not really tripped over-&-over for months now.  Listen to this guy!"

       I continued to stare at the guy. "Can you communicate with wild animals?"

       "You mean like tigers?"

       "More like squirrels and wild rats.  Can you share a space of mutual comprehension?  We are all aspects of the multiverse.  We may operate on different wavelengths, but we are all connected in ways your linear/rational mind cannot comprehend.

       "Go find fellow seekers!  Experience & explore the interplay of both halves of your brain.  The world will become a much bigger and more interesting place."

       His girlfriend smiled at me as she led the bewildered over-rational boyfriend off into the night.
        Below is a series of back-&-forth e-mails with someone who sent me a dangerous e-mail attachment.


I've shared a Drive Document with you.

Google Drive: create, share, and keep all your stuff in one place. Logo for Google Drive

Who are you and wny did you send me an  e-mail with a dangrous attachment?


I didn't,  I got spammed
Chief Operating Officer

You got it,  I am sorry. 


I am just happy I use AVG free anti-virus program.


I think I got hacked through my iPhone 6 any recommendation for that?


No idea. I'll ask on my LJ blog
        That's a bit of an exaggeration. But Friday was the absolute WORST performance day I can remember.

       It took me over 4 hors to put 2 posts on line. I could read (with difficulty) my e-mail but was unable to respond to LJ comments until close to midnight.

       Very frustrating! 

       It annoys me that I have to PAY for my Virgin WiFi!
        My lower back is very cranky today.  I am out of MSM and my folding canvas chair is not knd to my lower back.

       Hopefully both situations will be remedied shortly.
        Below from eizabeth on C3 list.


We have until November 19th to make comments regarding the proposed fracking in St. Tammany. These comments will go to the Office of Conservation under the La. Department of Natural Resources. This is the agency that participated in the "unusual hearing" two days ago in St. Tammany on fracking. Here is the email address and docket number to send comments:
Docket No. 14-626

A few words on the regulatory process:  Of course this process, like all others in government, reflect corporate interests and are stacked against the people. However, it is still important to let the agencies know how many oppose this particular issue, while continuing to organize outside of the regulatory structure.

Yesterday, I requested an extension on the comment period for the permit for the proposed Helis Oil Co.  exploratory well that the Army Corps of Engineers is responsible for issuing, since this well will exist within St. Tammany wetlands. The deadline was yesterday for public comment. I already received a reject email from Mr. Robert Tewis, project manager, with the Army Corps. I replied that I wanted to know what regulation gives him the authority to decide so quickly on this matter, and who is his supervisor. I have yet to receive a response from Department of Environmental Quality on this, as I also sent a request, as instructed on the public notice, to that agency as well, for an extension.  Notice the fractured nature of the regulatory process:  several agencies are involved and all have deadlines for receiving public comments. Regarding the proposal to withdraw millions of gallons of water from the two scenic rivers in Tangipahoa for fracking wells, those comments must go the La. Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. This "fractured" arrangement of course aids the corporations and creates confusion among the public.

I was also told, by an attorney with the Office of Conservation under the La. Department of Natural Resources, that the state is not required by law to hold hearings for permits for wells. This may not be news to many but it is part of the unjust fabric of the regulatory process in Louisiana. Frankly I think we should aim higher in terms of the changes to laws, such as democratic control of our natural resources, and this can only come from organizing on a political level that goes much deeper than just participating in the current process.-- Elizabeth Cook

p.s. I received a response from Mr. Tewis with the Army Corps of Engineers, that comment periods are not to exceed 30 days, and he cited regulation. However, the state agency involved, DEQ, on the public notice, stated that citizens can request an extension for the comment period. Who is the overall authority on this? More confusion for the public. Below is a link to the public notice on this:
        Today I had my first dose (1 heaping TBSP) of Niacin powder in about the past 10 days.

       My gut went into turmoil. But probably not from the Niacin.

       I contacted the food stamp help line.

       Dialing the phone is fine. Numbers on screen are nice & large
1 2 3
but when I need to type in my card number, PIN number, etc. the phone displays numbers which are tiny.
1 2 3

       Verification process went OK, but then came the punch in the gut.

       I now have $54 worth of Foodstamps, enough to buy food for half a week. I had been hoping for $200. I now can see why my caseworker did not want to phone or email me with the amount of foodstamps I would be getting.

       I hope the $54 is pro-rated for the whole month and I will be getting $100 in subsequent months.
        I have not left the house since coming home Tuesday morning.

       Today was supposed to be a work day, but it s far colder than I like to work this time of year.

       Later I shall take out the garbage and see if any packages have arrived for me. Garbage done.  The dumpster has not been emptied in at least 5 days.  I guess the local cats like the rats attracted there

       In this weather I am in need of my spiffy new hat.

       I just checked with the cranky desk clerk who had to stop watching TV for 30 seconds in order to relate to me. No mail. No packages for me. {Boo Hoo}
        Polls are predicting that the next democrat candidate for the job of lesser-of-2-evils may be Hillary.

       Wouldn't that be a one-two punch. First Afro American and first female lesser-of-two-evils where both together are not worth their weight in pig shit.
        I gained a bit of weight between early October and early November as a result of not missing as many meals. My butt is a tad bit less uncomfortable sitting for long periods.
Weight = 193. BMI = 26
Blood Pressure = 148/91, Pulse = 74
On October 3
       My journeying on Walmart day was exhausting. So I was real surprised my blood pressure went from 148/91 down to 94/64 and my pulse went up only a tad considering all the running round I had been doing.

       I just looked thru my mail. My coconut oil arrived here on October 30th and I have been using it daily. I had been out of coconut il for many months.

       So much for the bullshit about saturated fats raising blood pressure. 

      I need to order more coconut oil. A pint is good for ~3 weeks hor so. I hope I can get me a gallon, but that will have to wait until all rent is paid tis month and I have $$ in my pocket.
        I  need to get to the storage bin for a bottle of Lugol's Iodine and a decent computer chair.

       But not today!

       First day of a cold front.  At 10PM it is predicted to be 42F with a 18 mph wind, making it feel like 34F. 

       At 1AM, my ETA back home at TIRC, temp is predicted to be 39F with a 15mph wind, making it feel like 30F.

       I should be able to catch the St,Claude bus at ~1AM, but if I miss it, it would be a l-o-o-o-n-g walk home in windy cold weather.

       So I am staying home tonight.

       Trash can go out tomorrow.  I can get money order for Protandim (sorta) on my way to work.

       Assuming my food stamp card is all charged up, I can buy groceries at Rouses without taking the $20 in my tip jar (which is all I have other than my bottle of pocket change) BEFORE I get any readings on Friday.
        One of the 4 eroto-spam gals who e-mailed mentioned  "DateMe"which I googled.

       Their help page is not very comprehensible. I took me 2 tries (over an hour total time) to send them a brief mail explaining that I never signed up with their site.

       Support center replied, and I sent the email below at 6PM today.  No response as of yet.

       BTW, does the word blond (referring to hair color) mean something else in different parts of the world? 3 of the babes who wrote to me refer to themselves as blonds, but to me, they all have light or dark brown hair.


Hi Kathryn,
I would be very interested to discover what was being said about me (semi-invalid, 69 years old, living hand-to-mouth) which generated such interest in only a few days.

Your questions answered below.


On Thu, Nov 13, 2014 at 10:01 AM, Kathryn UKD38 <> wrote:
Hi Alobar, 

Thank you for your email. 

I have checked our database and we do not have an account lined to email ""

In order for us to further investigate, please reply to this with:

* The email address the emails are being sent to
All e-mails were sent to me

* The email address of the sender
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        I was unable to peel myself out of bed at 6AM today.  By the time I had gotten up and had breakfast, it was close to 10 AM.  So if I dashed out the door and went to see the Social Services folk, I would probably be waited on when my caseworker was (yet again) out to lunch.

       So I stayed home.

       As I was finishing up my breakfast, the phone rang.  I could ot ear a damn word she was saying.

       Se shouted she would call me back.

       She did call me back 6 HOURS LATER!

       It was my foodstamp caseworker for my phone interview.  No snail mail informing me of an impending phone appointment.  No apologies for her missing the October phone appointment.  No apologies for scheduling a phone appointment in April, when I HAD NO PHONE!

       She wanted me to fax her a statement of my low income.  When I told er I had no access to a fax machine, she was at a loss as to what to do.

       I suggested I e-mail her. She agreed.

       If she likes what I sent her, I should have food money in the morning!

       Mike tells me they hire people to minimize giving out food stamps rather than people to help the needy.

       I say they all should be stripped naked and driven thru the streets in poor neighborhoods while the poor throw gobs of shit at them,

       Below is my letter to her, with sensitive info removed.


I get $xxx from Social Security every month.

I also work as a self-employed Tarot card and Palm reader on Jackson Square in New Orleans.  Readers work by donations.  The past several months have been dreadful.  October is usually the good season.  Now I am earning about $200 a week, sometimes more and sometimes I work for 2 or 3 days and don't make a dime.

I am a semi-invalid due to a bad fall back in 2010.  I used to live half a block om Jackson Square (623 St.Peter St.) but was forced to relocate to my preset address (1924 St.Ann St.), which is a 2-1/2 hour round trip walk to and from work, which greatly reduce the amount of hours I can work each week. 

Working 6 or 7 days each week I can barely put in a 40 hour work week.  When I lived at 623 St.Peter, I could work over 70 hours a week.

William Alobar Greywalker
Social Security xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Food Stamp Card xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
        Below is the third eroto-SPAM I have received in the past day.

       Samira (Jane) is a 5'8" blond Chinese gal from Ghana.  I'd like to see what she looks like!


How are you doing ? I am Jane 33 years old,Single,  5' 8 tall abnd 126 lbs, Average build, Blonde hair - Blue eyes,I am easy going,open mind with a great personality,good sense of humor ,i am looking to meet  someone that is fun,loving,honest and caring.someone who is interested in being best friend,then a relationship after.I'm seeking a serious long term relationship and more. Someone who is responsible, respectful, can take care of themselves, and who is employed,special to capture my heart and knows how to handle it with care, one who will cherish me and be willing to share life's greatest joys and sorrows..This is some Pictures of me and i hope you like them ?I like reading a lot , Singing ,dancing ,Swimming ,Writing ,shopping ,Walking  ,I love cooking ,fishing , playing golf, playing Tennis, watching basket ball , talk shows , Movies and News ..I'm a  nonsmoker/nondrinker, not into drugs (don't need them; I live in a natural high)..Am from Ghana and live in Ghana ...I would  like to know if you have ever chat with a woman from Ghana  before ?Does it bothers you that i live and from Ghana or you Interested in getting to know me to see where this lead us from here ?Can you tell me more about your self ?.I Would like to know more about you to see where this take us from here, I Hope to hear from you soon ..
        I tried to get up at 6AM after 2 hours of sleep.  I pulled myself out of bed at 7:15.  By the time  ad breakfast, it is now 9AM.  No way I can get down to Social Services and get waited on before my case worker goes out to lunch. {sigh}

       So I shall nap for another 6 hours. te go buy money rders then go to the storage bin for a computer chair.

       Ten a god night's seep any MAYBE gt my ass out of here by 7AM to visit the idiots at Social Services.  As it may be raining, I am hoping that will mean short lines
"All war is based on deception."
-- Sun Tzu, The Art of War

       Below from Piero Amadeo Infante on FB.


After 10 years, reading reports, seeing debates, talking with people, engineers and physicists, and after watching hours of footage over and over again, and I am more convinced now than ever, that our government destroyed evidence, impeded actual investigation, ignored actual witness testimony, and had foreknowledge of the entire 911 attack. The implications of this lead to only one conclusion.

A rush to destroy evidence is only performed historically for one reason alone.

Otherwise rational people's complete inability to even consider some of the evidence, (some of it incredibly strong) all while claiming a nonexistent scientific authority and imperative, is even more frightening than the event itself.

You do the math.

Re-open the 911 investigation. Our entire country has been compromised. And at this point it doesn't even matter the results.

"It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority.”
–– Benjamin Franklin
        Below from ANH.


Latest FDA Moves Could Stop Further Research on Supplements

November 10, 2014
…and turn supplements into drugs. What is this agency thinking? Action Alert!

What the FDA does about supplements is usually complicated—we think intentionally so, in order to confuse Congress and critics. Bear with us as we try to disentangle the threads.

We need to get this story out now because the FDA has just opened a public comment period. It is vital to flood the agency and especially Congress with messages.

The FDA has a history of preventing scientific information about food and supplements from being disseminated. Now, if the agency gets its way, the FDA will be able to keep scientific research from being performed in the first place. In fact, our confidential sources tell us that studies on nutrients and dietary supplements are already coming to an abrupt halt. And it’s all because of the FDA’s guidance on INDs, or Investigational New Drug applications.

By law, if any nutrient studies actually do get published, the FDA in most instances won’t allow the nutrient in question to be purchased in supplement form. Even more shockingly, if a drug company wants to turn the supplement into a drug, they will have market exclusivity because the supplement forms would be banned. That’s right: the public will no longer be able to obtain the nutrients and supplements that were studied, because the FDA says they may become drugs. The FDA is essentially making sure their drugs have no competition from supplements.

The FDA’s guidance requires companies to start a burdensome and expensive drug approval process if a nutrient is to be studied for its potential disease prevention or treatment—even if the supplement won’t make any related health claims or be marketed as a drug.

Companies are required to submit an Investigational New Drug (IND) application if their research could support new health claims or the expansion of existing health claims. Historically, INDs haven’t been required for nutrients or food products simply because research does not speak to the intended use of the food product.

More to the point, nutrient studies are important because they include adverse event reporting (and so can help assess safety), and they give us better understanding about the effects of the nutrient on the body, as well as any potential uses for the nutrient in the future. The public relies on such research (increasingly available on the Internet) to make informed health decisions.

There is absolutely no reason for this guidance to include food and nutrients since they are already regulated. DSHEA (the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act) and the Orphan Drug Act already establish that dietary supplements and medical foods are not considered drugs. Having to submit new drug applications makes the companies publicly claim they’re marketing drugs—even if they’re not.

Even worse, medical foods have always been able to make disease claims—that’s their sole reason for being, after all—but this guidance means that all medical foods would now require an IND—even if a New Dietary Ingredient (new supplement) notification has already been filed. (Medical foods can still stay on the market after the research is published if they had filed an NDI, but they still have to apply for an IND and pay the $2.3 million.)

There is so little research done on nutrients because of the Catch-22 of drug economics, but now with this new rule, there will be even less incentive for research. There is an exception to a supplement being classified as a drug once study data is published: if a New Dietary Ingredient (new supplement) notification has previously been sent to the FDA. But because the FDA is twenty years behind schedule on the NDI guidance, very few notifications have been filed, making this exception a very rare one.

There is also an exception if the supplement was sold before 1994. But there is no agreed upon list of these, and in the past the FDA has interpreted this provision of the law as narrowly as possible. It is not at all clear which supplements will eventually be found to qualify, and this might take years of litigation.

Here’s the final kicker: this guidance is changing the industry even though the FDA hasn’t taken it through the Administrative Procedure Act’s formal rulemaking process. The nutrient industry has no choice but to act as if this guidance is binding law—it is especially difficult to challenge, since it is not actually law:

According to our sources, institutional review boards (IRBs) are currently rejecting clinical studies about supplements, mainly because the boards aren’t clear about the FDA’s authority or the ramifications of this guidance.

Insiders also tell us that industry giants like Nestle, PepsiCo, and Danone/Dannon are taking their research money overseas to avoid the extra cost and time to get the required IND—it takes years!—avoiding the process altogether.

Connie M. Weaver, PhD, is distinguished professor and department head for the nutrition science program at Purdue University. In an interview with ANH-USA, Dr. Weaver told us that many are worried that the effects of this guidance “would decrease the competitive edge of US research.”

Joshua Miller, PhD, professor of Nutritional Sciences at Rutgers University, told us, “As an academic department chair, I would be hesitant to advise junior faculty to take up precious time applying and waiting for IND approval [for a nutrient study] as they work toward tenure. For academic research, it’s a major burden. This [guidance] may shut down new research on dietary supplements in academia. It also reduces U.S. jobs—industry will take the research overseas where they won’t need an IND.”

The cost of an IND application is currently $2.3 million. Supplement and medical foods companies can’t usually file for an IND without Pharma money—and a way to recoup their investment on a nutrient, which is not usually patentable.

Research proposals are dropped because the whole process becomes “too daunting,” which in turn limits innovation. A large pharmaceutical company told us that a proposed study to investigate a popular medical food for secondary uses was rejected by an IRB for not having an IND. Another source told us that their grant was approved by the IRB, but they were told that the proposal needed to be cleared with the FDA regarding the IND requirement.

And all of this is by design: it is the FDA making the rules, and the FDA ultimately benefiting: they get $2.3 million and full regulatory authority over the product being researched, which is now classified as a drug.

Let us say that again: as soon as the research is conducted and published, these nutrients and supplements would essentially become classified as drugs. This alone will stop most research dead in its tracks, and any research that does occur is likely to eliminate access to the very nutrient being studied. Filing the IND application sets up a process that virtually guarantees that any nutrients that are studied become drugs and can no longer be marketed as supplements once that research is published.

This is nothing more than “an administrative power grab.” With this guidance, the FDA is vying for more administrative control over medical foods, dietary supplements, and conventional foods—even those whose manufacturers don’t intend to market for their ability to treat diseases. US food science research is suppressed once again.

Action Alert! The FDA has opened a request for comments regarding the burden of filing an IND, the first step toward drug approval. Tell them that food nutrition research has no part in the drug approval regime. And tell them to make clear through their website or letters to IRBs that the guidance has not been finalized and therefore legally cannot be enforced, to help the boards know they are acting according to current regulations. Send your message today!
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