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Hb A1C and More Computer Time!

        I was gifted with a BIG pork rib tonight.  So I do not have to buy dinner for tomorrow.

       I counted my moola.  I have enough to buy the Hb A1C glucose test and the AC battery pack for more computer at work.  So even though it does not look like I will get rich tonight, I am happy.

Efficiency and Productivity

        When I go from my usual 2 monitor configuration to just the laptop, I gotta fuck around for ~10 minutes to get things looking the way I want it.  I wish I knew how to save both configurations and switch back and forth, but I do not know if that is even possible.

       Before I leave for work, I take a caffeine and a pain killer.  Then I wait 10-15 minutes for them to kick-in before I pack up, get dressed and leave to go to work.

       Today it dawned on me that if I configure my laptop for use without the external monitor while waiting for the caffeine and pain kller to kick-in, I can save ~10 minutes of battery time.
happy happy joy joy

One Can NEVER Depend on Seasonal Averages!

        Yesterday I made mre $$ than I have made since early October.

       And this is the slow season.

       A very drunk middle aged white guy gave me $40. Not for a reading.  He tried to talk his friend into a reading.  His friend had no interest.  Before e staggered off he thrust 2 $20 into my hand.

       A woman who had been a client of mine (woman I did not remember) told me if she ever got rich she wold give me a free apartment for life.  Not something sexual.

       So today I pay the rent due on Wednesday.  I got $$ in my pocket.  I can buy food!

       Next rain day I am off to WallyWorld seeking an external power supply for the laptop.
August 2004

Time Mix-up with Melanie

        I had been thinking of writing to Melane for the past several das.  I feel that my freak-outs, stress, and stupidities around my forced move last April may have nsulted er or hrt er feelngs and I wanted to apologize. Bt I was at a loss for words as to how to write the e-mail

       Melanie, John. and Melanie's brother stopped by work briefly on Thursday night.  She was her usual chipper self so I guess she was not pissed at me for being an ass last April.

       The were off to get some food.  Meanie asked what time I wold be leaving he Square.  I thought it was ~11PM, so I said ~1AM.  But it was really ~midnight.  {oopsie}

       So  staed much later tha 1 in the hopes of catching her.

       She never returned.  So I did not get to connect with her, and I dd not get to bed until 8AM.

       So even though I pushed myself and got less sleep than I wanted, I did not get to work until 9:45 PM Friday night.

       Usng the laptop at work ept me awake, but starting so late,  did not get any readings.

       I am finding that the less caffeine I use, the less pain, so the need for pain killers is reduced.

       The less pain, the less tendency to fall asleep to avoid the pain, so the fewer doses of caffeine needed.

       So I pushed myself hard today.  No $$, but I will be getting to bed by 6AM, so I should be able to get out earlier on Saturday.

       I could really use making $150+ between Saturday and Wednesday.

       Friday afternoon I wrote an e-mail to Melanie.  Hopefully she is still in town and will stop by this weekend.

I Tried to Start a Fight the Other Night

        So I am sitting at my table at work.  A couple walks past.  The woman turns in my direction and announces  to her boyfriend that she wants a reading.

       He grabs her by the shoulder and {YANKS} her away.

        She would have bounced on the ground had he not been strong-arming her.

       Nobody should treat a dog like that.

       IMO, he needed jail time.

       So I screamed at him.  I called him an ass.  I attempted to provoke him into attacking me.  I soooo wanted to "defend myself", put him in the hospital with my pepper spray, the see if I could get him arrested and charged with assault. 

       But he did not take the hint.

       The next day I told te tale to Officer Koch.  He told me I did the right thing.

       I love it when me & "the law" see eye to eye.
Monkey in Contemplation

Is Obliviousness a Genetic Flaw?

        So I am sitting i front of te Cafe Pontalba.  It is closed.  Chairs are upside down on the tables.  Room is dark.  No people inside.

       This middle class middle aged white woman tries the door and attempts to enter.

       How can people be so unobservant and not be living on the street??

Laptop Quest

        I have no significant cash but I hope to make money between Yule and Mardi Gras.

       While I would love a REAL apartment, my laptop is a higher priority.

       My keyboard is crumbling.  I could buy an external keyboard but my desk real estate is limited.  So I am beginning to go on a quest.

       No idea of rands or prices.

       MUST be a Windows machine.

       I need a laptop with the largest screen possible.

       I want huge memory.

       I want a huge-ass hard drive.

        I want a really fast processor.

       I want a battery which will last HOURS, not 45 minutes.

       I wan a security device for chaining the laptop to my table at work.

       And, of course,  want it affordable.

       Back in 1984 I paid over $4,000 for the first IBM-PC. 64K of memory, 2-360K floppies.  Compared to that, anything is affordable.

       No idea of my budget as of yet but $1,000 would be nice.

My Rocket Fuel

        The more I use coconut oil, the more impressed I become.

        have been using coconut oil now for over 12 years.  As I grow older, coconut oil becomes more and more important –– especially in cold weather.

       At work, I just put on layer after layer, and keep relatively warm while I watch the heavy smokers around me freeze because they are under the delusion that sucking hot tobacco smoke will keep them warm.

       But while running errands, buses are over-heated.  Waiting for buses are real cold.  And when I am tired I get colder quicker.

       Bodies need calories.  Even back when I allowed myself lots of carbs, carbs ae not nearly as efficient as fat calories.

       Coconut oil is not only the healthiest oil on earth but is an amazing body warmer!

       Great on Whole Food Chicken Noodle soup.  And makes te soup more filling, so a $10 quart lasts longer.