Alobar Greywalker (alobar) wrote,
Alobar Greywalker

Cloves Gross Me Out, however Cloves Are Useful

        Back when I was a kid, I thought cloves were pretty strange.    My mother would spend an hour stabbing a gazillion cloves into the top surface of a canned ham.    I did not understand why she went to all that trouble to make a ham taste like cloves.

        I would trim off the outer layer of ham and not eat it.    I would ask my father (who served the meals) not to put any of the sauce from the ham onto my slice.    He seemed distraught by my request.   I guess he could not relate to a kid of his not liking cloves.  Not like I hated cloves.   I just thought they tasted really really strange.   Not like food at all.

        As an adult, I never used cloves in cooking.   Back almost 30 years ago I had a girlfriend who usually did not smoke, but would go on binges where she smoked up a storm.     Luckily, she had her own apartment.   There was a time when she over-indulged in clove cigarettes.    I thought they were even grosser and nastier than regular cigarettes.    I never had any interest in kissing her or having sex with her while she was on a smoking binge.

        One night, close to a week after she had ended her clove cigarette binge, we made love.   When I went down on her I almost puked.   He snatch tasted like cloves with a very heavy undertone of something that made my head spin and made me feel really ill.  Probably whatever herb or drug is in the clove cigarettes other than cloves.  I was ill for several days.   I could not get the terrible taste out of my mouth, and my stomach kept doing flippy-flops.   I learned that I needed to make sure clove smokers detox for a lot longer before I dare go down on them.   I felt violated.

        Back in the fall of 2004, I was getting a tooth ache.   No money for a dentist.   I fear dentists as well, so even if I had the cash, I would have been reticent to go to a dentist.   So I was trying whatever I could think of to combat the problem that I could do at home.

        I remembered that clove oil is supposed to be good for tooth pain.  I saw it first in Marathon Man and then confirmed it later.  I did not want to use cloves.   My stomach still gets queasy thinking of cloves after the really wretched oral sex experience I mentioned above.   But I bought some clove extract just in case the pain got too bad.   As it tuned out, I did not need the clove extract as I managed to cure the problem.   But I kept the clove extract for possible future use.   

        Well, last weekend, it was fucking cold out.   2 of my rotten tooth stubs started acting up.   Not throbbing pain, but definitely pain.   The kind of pain that makes me irritable, fucks with good sleep, and raises my blood sugar levels.   I did all the usual treatments.   Brushing with tea tree oil in Dr.Zein's mouthwash, taking golden seal, upping my vitamin C.   The cold air outside was trumping my treatments.  When I pack up at the end of a night, I do a lot of bending over.   When I bent over, blood pressure to my head increased, and teeth began to throb.   Many hours later, my teeth were still aching, even though I was home and warm.   I did not get a restful night's sleep.

        So I dug out the clove extract.   I was reticent to put it on, but the pain was increasing.    I put a few drops on the lower aching tooth stub, then brushed my teeth with the clove extract.   Taste was wretched.  My stomach started churning.  I still cannot comprehend why people put cloves on food meant for human consumption.

        The teeth stubs stopped hurting almost instantly.    I went back to bed.   I was planning to repeat the clove application when I got up.   But the pain stayed away.   I have not had to apply any more clove extract beyond the first dose (probably less than 5 drops).

        So clove extract is handy for me to have around in case I need it.
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