Alobar Greywalker (alobar) wrote,
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The Drug Pushers (Censored by Atlantic Monthly)

        I am zapping the entirety of the post below because I was ordered to do so by Atlantic Monthly.  For details, see below the cut.

The Atlantic Monthly | April 2006
As America turns its health-care system over to the market, pharmaceutical reps are wielding more and more influence—and the line between them and doctors is beginning to blur

by Carl Elliott


We have learned that you have posted the full text of Carl Elliot's article from the April 2006 Atlantic on your web site.

While we are grateful for your interest in The Atlantic, please note that the copyright to this work is held by Mr. Elliot and Atlantic Media. You are, of course, not permitted to republish it on your own site, where it is publicly accessible. As The Atlantic Online is a subscriber-only site, any disclaimer of "Fair Use" does not apply. To wit,

"Uses that advance public interests such as criticism, education or scholarship are favored -- particularly if little of another's work is copied. Uses that generate income or interfere with a copyright owner's income are not."

You are free to link to the story, but may not reproduce it.

A link to the story is here:

Please remove the article from your site at once and contact me within 24 hours to confirm same. Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter. I look forward to hearing back at your earliest possible convenience.

Kind regards,

Ken The Atlantic Online


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