December 1st, 2014

Monkey in Contemplation

Shaking Hands

        I never liked shaking hands.

       Some macho guys like to crush my hand.  Some women extend a limp hand like a wet dishrag.  Can these gals give a decent handjob??

       Most folks shake right handed to demonstrate they have no knife in their hand.

       When is the last time a stranger or friend tried to knife you?

       Then there are the English boyscouts who shake left handed so they have to take their left hands away from their hearts, thus exposing themselves to being knifed in the heart.

       EEEEW!  Gross! 

       The only people who wanted to knife me did it from behind my back.

       The weather channel shows a lot of people shaking hands every time they greet one another.


       I can say hi without needing to touch someone.

       I'll hug a pretty gal.

       Palm slapping.  Knuckle touching.  It's all pretty bizarre to me.

       Before I read palms for a living, I did not want to touch hands of strangers out of fear of germs they might have.  Now that is no longer a concern.  But I still do not like to touch a smoker's paw any more than I must when reading his/her palm.

       When I was more rude in my youth, when a stranger walked up to me with hand extended, I would pick my nose then extend my hand. 

       I liked looking at the expression on their faces.
August 2004

I Got Stood UP!

        I got stood up by an interesting looking lady.

       It was about 5PM.  She saw my hair and asked me how I was doing.  I told her I had had no readings since before Thanksgiving.

       She told me she had a dinner engagement, but would be back after dinner to get a reading.

       What made her interesting is that she was ~60, platinum hair, with a dildo hanging around her neck.

       I packed up at midnight.

       No dildo gal.

Some Gypsy Readers Are Trash

        Saturday night when the gypsies at the table nearest me packed up they left 4 or 5 empty packs of cigs, lots of food wrappers and cans of soda.  Probably close to 100 butts scattered on the ground.

       They seem to feel it is not their job to clean up their mess.

       When I was a kid in NYC, there were signs telling people that litterbugs would be fined $50.  With inflation, that would be over $200 today.

       4 gypsies x $200.  I'll bet they would learn neatness and respect for the Square in which they earn their living.
Fear is the Mind Killer

No Money Honey!

        No $$ in days.  Melatonin is not allowing me sound sleep.  I need sleeping pills.

       I do no want to use sleeping pills but when I do not get proper bedrest I sleep for hrs at work, and that sure does help me make $$.

        B-12 + Coconut Oil + drier weather helps me sleep now.  Comut at work keeps me awake at work. (Dec 9)
Fear is the Mind Killer


        When I was a kid I saw this puppet show on TV.  The character was describing life on some other planet.  There was this rite of passage young folks needed to go thru.  They were kept awake for 50 hours, then every time they passed into deamland, someone would come and wake them up.

       If they flipped out from sleep dep, they failed and had to take the test again at a later time.

       The alien kid beat the fuck out of the person waking him up with a baseball bat.

[Yes, kiddie shows were much more violent back in the 1950s.]

       The staff here at the TIRC keep waking me up to tell me that I have mail or a package.

       I think they all come from that rather sadistic alien planet.

       I got to bed at 6AM.  She pounded on my door at 9AM.

       I am a peaceful guy these days, but I immediately thought of the kiddie show from 50+ years ago and the baseball bat.

       I have bugs in my bed.  Not "normal" bedbugs because they do not bite me.  Tiny little red bugs the size of a map pin head.  They crawl on me.  They make it hard to fall asleep.  They wake me up.

       Unlike the staff ladies here at the TIRC, I can smush them DEAD!

       Two cures for bugs in bed.  I won't use poison.  Not good for me and it may well kill my immortalist breatharian fly companion on the wall over my bed.  

       The more ideal cure is diatomacious earth.

       I had a package of it on the Ganesh altar at 623. [Good for parasite cleansing.] It's now in storage.  In what box?  Fuck if I know!

       I was so flipped out during the move that I never oversaw nor labeled all boxes.  Big drawback from being a basket case!

       All things considered I actually slept better last night than I have in a while.  I re-discovered 2 cans of coconut milk.  So even though my sleep was broken many times by bugs and by alien TIRC sadistic staff, I was able to get right back to sleep.  Almost 8 hours is much better than 4 or 6!