December 2nd, 2014


I Almost Had a Reading Monday Night

        I admit to being somewhat prejudiced.

       When Black teens from bad neighborhoods smoke, it does not disturb me nearly as much as when White teens smoke.  White girls under 17 REALLY disturb me.

       3 people sat down.  The girl (probably 14 or 15) was going to get a card reading.  She fucking disturbed me.  Her companions were a Black (30-ish) guy and an ~18 year old White boyfriend. 

       All 3 were smoking.

       She was sucking heavily on her cig in a way that indicated to me that:
a) She smoked a lot.
b) She had not just recently started smoking.

       Back in the 1950s, this was common.  But we as a culture have supposedly moved away from such mass teen suicidal addiction.

       Teens will always smoke.  But most hide their addiction from adults because they know it is wrong.

       She grossed me out.

       If I were not so desperately broke (no internet, no $$, no reading since last Wednesday) I would have told her she was breaking the law, and the person(s) supplying e with tobacco could be fined &/or sent to jail.

       But I was desperate for $$, so I did not want to lose the reading.

       They could not afford $20, so they left.  But the image of her smoking is still disturbing to me a day later.

       I owe a lot to XXXXXXX the Balloon Clown for shwing me HOW to talk to teen smokers and their adult companions.   Collapse )
happy happy joy joy

"Bad News for Winter Lovers"

        Now this is just my opinion but I think "winter lovers" are just nuts!

       Weather channel is predicting a warmer than usual December with less rain.

       That makes me happy!