December 3rd, 2014


Pissed at Whole Foods HQ

        Once again I was unable to turn-in my ratty Whole Foods bags for clean new ones.  This is the third try.

        attempted to procure an e-mail for bitching at the head office.  I want them to mail me a half dozen new bags for free.  A dozen would be even nicer.

       No luck.

        I got a card with the e-mail for the "front end supervisor"at that store.

       I shall bitch, but I doubt it will do shit.
Mister Natural

Foraging Nuts and Berries

        Being tight for $$, I seek alternatives to buying food.

       Probably influenced by survival shows on Weather Channel.

       Around the edge of Armstrong Park there are both nut-like thingies and small berries.

       No idea where the nut like thingies are from. 
Light as a feather.  They blow to the park wall from someplace else.  No plants or trees nearby which has such thingies. 

       About the size of an acorn.  Light tan.  Fragile.  Light as a feather. When they get stepped on, a half thingie looks sorta like a small mushroom cap.

       Of course, not knowing what they are, I have no clue if they are poisonous, wretched tasting, neutral tasting, yummy, or psychedelic.

       If I gave psychedelic nut thingies to gutterpunks, I'd have friends for life!

       So I brought a handful to work.  Some of the readers are locals.

       As a kid I could easily identify different trees and plants.  Half a dozen locals had NO clue.

       Don't local kids know their environment?

       Then there are the berries.  Small dark berries hanging in clusters from a tree looking like a relative of a palm tree.

       I'll bring a cluster to work next time I go.

       My scanner is dead, and it is the end of the season.  So more info for next year than meals now.

       Also, there are a gazillion cocoons, or what look like cocoons around the tops of the fences.  Been there since May, maybe before.  Are they yummy?
Monkey in Contemplation

I've Been Retired!

        A while back I started cleaning up the crap which accumulates around the outside of Armstrong Park.

       Monday I came upon a small fleet of park guys.  2 with leaf blowers.  3 with rakes and huge garbage bags.  They clean the outside of the park regularly so now I can retire.

       When I went home there were 10 bags of leaves and trash spaced around where I walk.  Probably over 300 gallons total.

       Park looked real nice.
Monkey in Contemplation

Friendly Bedbugs???

        Lack of internet makes me guess a lot.  But the critters in my bed sure seem to me to be bedbugs.

       Pretty much crushproof when I smack them.  Dark red brown. Tiny little things. Sorta cute even though they are fucking annoying when they are not snoozing.

       For some odd reason (I'm not complaining here) they do not bite me.  No itchy or painful welts.  But they can drive me bugfuck (no pun intended) crawling over me.

       I flick them off me with thumb and index finger, bouncing them off the wall away from the bed.

       Do they not bite me because they like me? ;) Because they do not like my taste because of the supplements I take?

       They seem to have a wake/sleep rhythm.  Most active starting at 6AM.  Quiet after 10AM.  Do they drink my sweat?  Eat microbes off my skin? 

       I still want them gone even though they are cute little buggers (no pun intended). 

       I probably won't find diatomaceous earth at Whole Foods or GNC later today.  No idea if this link still works as I still have no internet to check it out.

Foodstamp People Are Insane!

        Last week I was in line at Rouses behind a guy buying chewing gum with his Foodstamp card.

       Today I was at Whole Foods.  I attempted to  buy some cooked spareribs, hot chicken noodle sop, and a gallon of water with Foodstamps.

       I was told I could buy the water, but not "the hot food".

       Yet one more reason to execute most all Congress Critters.
happy happy joy joy

Chicken Noodle Soup Review

        Hot chicken noodle soup from Whole Foods is so vastly superior to ANY canned chicken noodle soup that it should not have the same name.

       Good flavor.  Almost NO noodles (so much lower carb) and huge amounts of big chunks of chicken which has not been cooked to mush.  And the chicken is a vastly higher quality.


       If a large dollop of coconut oil is pt into the soup, it is an incredibly hearty meal.  With the coconut oil, I need to eat less soup (making for less expensive meals) and coconut oil is amazing for keeping warm in colder weather.
Caution Obnoxious Conditions

Hello!  Anybody Out There?

        So I went to Walgreens on Royal.  NO top-p cards for Virgin WiFi.

        I had been running around all day.  Tired.  Rather than go to the CVS or another Walgreens, I decide to use my Social Security Mastercard debit card to pay the $$ for a month of WiFi.


       I get an error message and was told to call the help line.

       My phone phobia is almost totally gone.  So I slurp some cold chicken noodle soup, crank up the heater, and call them.

       I get a recoded message. 

       In English and Spanish.  I hate dat! 

       If you gonna live in the US, learn to comprehend and speak English!  No Polish or Vietnamese or Swahili.  So why Spanish?

       Recorded message offers me an automated help menu.  {SIGH!}

       Ha!  Dat ain't gonna do shit.

       So still no internet.