December 5th, 2014

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Not Dead Yet!

        I have been without internet since November 27.  I have made over 30 posts and put them into ClipMate.

       Once I get my internet I will be inserting all the back posts here into LJ.

       I will be posting them with the time/date they were written (except for this post).
1.  I do not want to inundate your f-list with a gazillion posts of mine all at once.
2.  I want an accurate count of daily posts for my records in ljArchive.

       So check them out at

       Extreme poverty is something I recommend to anyone making good $$ (over $25,000 a year) for ~6 months straight.  I especially recommend it to all Congress Critters, judges, da-Prez, and all those who administer funding for the poor.

       Learning to balance paying rent/utilities and eating is an Art everyone should know.

       But I do not recommend more than 6 months.  Too stressful!

       I have had to juggle priorities more times in the past 6 months tan in the previous decade.  Very stressful.  But educational.

       I have had to instruct myself to remain as copacetic as possible

       And this has required MUCH temperance.

       As an example, Progresso Clam Chowder Potato Soup with Clam flavor is both yummy and relatively inexpensive.  But the carbs give me mood swings.  Baked potato with butter is also high carb but the butter lowers the glycemic index (8/4/2002).  Weird but true!
Monkey in Contemplation

My Living Situation

        Wen I first noticed the fly on my wall back in May, it never moved.  At first I thought it was a corpse.

       But if I put my hand up to cast a shadow on the fly it would move in a small circle.

       I greet the fly most days.  He/she sits there 24/7.

       Over the past 2 or 3 months, something odd has developed.  I no longer need to cast a shadow on the fly to induce him/her to move.  If I hold my hand up about 2 feet from the fly and wiggle my fingers at him/her, the fly goes into his/her little greeting dance.

       In a very strange way we have become buddies.

       I have never before become buddies with a seemingly immortal breatharian fly.

       :Previously (no internet, so no link) I have delineated why I feel the need to live alone.  Certainly not with housemates.  I doubt I would want a live-in lover even if a hot babe hopped in my lap (but I am weak and might possibly get seduced, especially if she can pay more than half the bills).

       Then there is $$.  I ain't got $$ for rent, deposit and utilities for ANY place I would want to live in.

       Also,no idea where to move to.

       So my room at the TIRC is my home for the foreseeable future.

       Then, as I was laying in bed, unable to sleep, I connected with my buddy, the fly.

       Now,many people may not be able to relate to what I am about to say, but I do not want to move and abandon my relationship with the fly.

       Likewise I do not own the fly.  So not my place to put him/her into a jar and move him/her to my new home.