December 9th, 2014

Monkey in Contemplation

Playing Guessing Games

        I nod out a lot.  No telling where I will wake up.  At work?  On my Walker along the fence of Armstrong park? Sitting at my computer at home?

       Tonight I did not work.  Going to bed early.  No caffeine or pain killers since Sunday night.  I am home.


        I specifically went to trouble to change the posting dates when posting old posts I wrote when I had no WiFi.

       But LJ has ostem in the wrong places.

Monkey in Contemplation

More Batteries = More $$ ??

        Since I strted taking my laptop at wok, I have gotten a reading evry night while on the laptop.

       My second battery is buried in storage and one battery is only good for ~2 hours.

       My laptop has no security.  No way to nail it to my desk.  Laptop case can be secured but not the laptop.

       I need a lockable harness for the laptop, so hen I fall asleep the laptop remains secure sitting open on my table.
Monkey in Contemplation


        Since 1984 when I got my first computer, whenever I get a sticky key, I pop the key off the keyboard, clean the crud and pop it back on.

       The laptop I was gifted with by Melanie is different.

       The right cursor key was sticking.  I had to {TAP} the key vigorously.  So I popped the key.  Little metal thingies also popped out and the key will not pop back on.

       Key works but no keycap.