December 11th, 2014

More Things in Heaven and Earth

Why Is My Pulse So Low???

        To the left is data taken earlier today. To the right is last month.

       Looking at my heart rate, one would think I had been sitting quietly meditating.  No so!  Running around, seep dep, walking more earlier than any day in the past 5 years.

       No idea why there was a shift in my blood pressure.

Laptop Battery

        kellcrow7clued me in tonight about my laptop battery.

       There are no different strengths batteries.  So no reason to buy a more expensive battery.

       I can increase my battery time by limiting to the barest minimum what programs are open.  So tonight, no internet, no browser.  Nothing open other than ClipMate and Semagic. 

       She also wracked her brains and gave me info for possibly finding my secondary battery amidst my storage stuff.

       Hopefully I shall have a second battery without the need to buy another one. 

      Following kellcrow7's advice gave me 18 minutes of additional battery time.

My Rocket Fuel

        The more I use coconut oil, the more impressed I become.

        have been using coconut oil now for over 12 years.  As I grow older, coconut oil becomes more and more important –– especially in cold weather.

       At work, I just put on layer after layer, and keep relatively warm while I watch the heavy smokers around me freeze because they are under the delusion that sucking hot tobacco smoke will keep them warm.

       But while running errands, buses are over-heated.  Waiting for buses are real cold.  And when I am tired I get colder quicker.

       Bodies need calories.  Even back when I allowed myself lots of carbs, carbs ae not nearly as efficient as fat calories.

       Coconut oil is not only the healthiest oil on earth but is an amazing body warmer!

       Great on Whole Food Chicken Noodle soup.  And makes te soup more filling, so a $10 quart lasts longer.

Laptop Quest

        I have no significant cash but I hope to make money between Yule and Mardi Gras.

       While I would love a REAL apartment, my laptop is a higher priority.

       My keyboard is crumbling.  I could buy an external keyboard but my desk real estate is limited.  So I am beginning to go on a quest.

       No idea of rands or prices.

       MUST be a Windows machine.

       I need a laptop with the largest screen possible.

       I want huge memory.

       I want a huge-ass hard drive.

        I want a really fast processor.

       I want a battery which will last HOURS, not 45 minutes.

       I wan a security device for chaining the laptop to my table at work.

       And, of course,  want it affordable.

       Back in 1984 I paid over $4,000 for the first IBM-PC. 64K of memory, 2-360K floppies.  Compared to that, anything is affordable.

       No idea of my budget as of yet but $1,000 would be nice.
Monkey in Contemplation

Is Obliviousness a Genetic Flaw?

        So I am sitting i front of te Cafe Pontalba.  It is closed.  Chairs are upside down on the tables.  Room is dark.  No people inside.

       This middle class middle aged white woman tries the door and attempts to enter.

       How can people be so unobservant and not be living on the street??