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Alobar Greywalker: Magickal Record (aka Frater PVN, LA-BAJ-AL)
My Ever Evolving Grimoire: The Book of the Confluence of Forces
        My pot of boiled garbanzo beans (3 cans + heaping tsp of baking soda) is cooling. As is my pot of boiled wash. If all goes as planned, I hope to have ~10 days supply of hummus made in time for me to eat some before bed.

       I got 3 big-ass lemons at Rouses on Tuesday. I had to get out my magnifying glass to be sure they really were lemons. They are bigger than most tangerines.

       When I started making hummus, I ground-up 1 lemon per batch. Then I went to 2 lemons. Then 3. Lemon is yummy in hummus! Now I get to use 3 huge-ass lemons. I am a happy camper!

       Rhodiola plus caffeine helps me accomplish more while still getting to sleep as much as I like on my days off work.
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