Alobar Greywalker (alobar) wrote,
Alobar Greywalker

Laptop Quest

        I have no significant cash but I hope to make money between Yule and Mardi Gras.

       While I would love a REAL apartment, my laptop is a higher priority.

       My keyboard is crumbling.  I could buy an external keyboard but my desk real estate is limited.  So I am beginning to go on a quest.

       No idea of rands or prices.

       MUST be a Windows machine.

       I need a laptop with the largest screen possible.

       I want huge memory.

       I want a huge-ass hard drive.

        I want a really fast processor.

       I want a battery which will last HOURS, not 45 minutes.

       I wan a security device for chaining the laptop to my table at work.

       And, of course,  want it affordable.

       Back in 1984 I paid over $4,000 for the first IBM-PC. 64K of memory, 2-360K floppies.  Compared to that, anything is affordable.

       No idea of my budget as of yet but $1,000 would be nice.
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