Alobar Greywalker (alobar) wrote,
Alobar Greywalker

Time Mix-up with Melanie

        I had been thinking of writing to Melane for the past several das.  I feel that my freak-outs, stress, and stupidities around my forced move last April may have nsulted er or hrt er feelngs and I wanted to apologize. Bt I was at a loss for words as to how to write the e-mail

       Melanie, John. and Melanie's brother stopped by work briefly on Thursday night.  She was her usual chipper self so I guess she was not pissed at me for being an ass last April.

       The were off to get some food.  Meanie asked what time I wold be leaving he Square.  I thought it was ~11PM, so I said ~1AM.  But it was really ~midnight.  {oopsie}

       So  staed much later tha 1 in the hopes of catching her.

       She never returned.  So I did not get to connect with her, and I dd not get to bed until 8AM.

       So even though I pushed myself and got less sleep than I wanted, I did not get to work until 9:45 PM Friday night.

       Usng the laptop at work ept me awake, but starting so late,  did not get any readings.

       I am finding that the less caffeine I use, the less pain, so the need for pain killers is reduced.

       The less pain, the less tendency to fall asleep to avoid the pain, so the fewer doses of caffeine needed.

       So I pushed myself hard today.  No $$, but I will be getting to bed by 6AM, so I should be able to get out earlier on Saturday.

       I could really use making $150+ between Saturday and Wednesday.

       Friday afternoon I wrote an e-mail to Melanie.  Hopefully she is still in town and will stop by this weekend.
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