Laptop Battery

        kellcrow7clued me in tonight about my laptop battery.

       There are no different strengths batteries.  So no reason to buy a more expensive battery.

       I can increase my battery time by limiting to the barest minimum what programs are open.  So tonight, no internet, no browser.  Nothing open other than ClipMate and Semagic. 

       She also wracked her brains and gave me info for possibly finding my secondary battery amidst my storage stuff.

       Hopefully I shall have a second battery without the need to buy another one. 

      Following kellcrow7's advice gave me 18 minutes of additional battery time.
More Things in Heaven and Earth

Why Is My Pulse So Low???

        To the left is data taken earlier today. To the right is last month.

       Looking at my heart rate, one would think I had been sitting quietly meditating.  No so!  Running around, seep dep, walking more earlier than any day in the past 5 years.

       No idea why there was a shift in my blood pressure.

Do Laptop Batteries Come in Different Strengths??

        M laptop bettery lasts about 43 minutes before the computer shuts down,

        could buy a dozen batteries and switch them out a dozen times ever night.

       But I would much rather spend more $$ for batteries which will last for several hours.

       Do such kick-ass batteries even exist?  If so, where do I buy them?

       $$ is better than I had thought.  I should be able to buy batteries SOON!  Maybe just one or two, but it is a start.
Monkey in Contemplation


        Since 1984 when I got my first computer, whenever I get a sticky key, I pop the key off the keyboard, clean the crud and pop it back on.

       The laptop I was gifted with by Melanie is different.

       The right cursor key was sticking.  I had to {TAP} the key vigorously.  So I popped the key.  Little metal thingies also popped out and the key will not pop back on.

       Key works but no keycap.
Monkey in Contemplation

More Batteries = More $$ ??

        Since I strted taking my laptop at wok, I have gotten a reading evry night while on the laptop.

       My second battery is buried in storage and one battery is only good for ~2 hours.

       My laptop has no security.  No way to nail it to my desk.  Laptop case can be secured but not the laptop.

       I need a lockable harness for the laptop, so hen I fall asleep the laptop remains secure sitting open on my table.


        I specifically went to trouble to change the posting dates when posting old posts I wrote when I had no WiFi.

       But LJ has ostem in the wrong places.

Monkey in Contemplation

Playing Guessing Games

        I nod out a lot.  No telling where I will wake up.  At work?  On my Walker along the fence of Armstrong park? Sitting at my computer at home?

       Tonight I did not work.  Going to bed early.  No caffeine or pain killers since Sunday night.  I am home.

Chickens I Am Very Circumspect About Counting Upon

        These chickens come in 2 flavors.  One is home,  The other is health.

       The past 4 months have been the absolute worst they have been, even since 1993 when I first began working on Jackson Square.

       But back then I had 3 things working in my favor.
a)  I was receiving a LOT more $$ in food stamps.  No records available, but I believe Raven and I received close to $150/month together.
b)  We were both working on the Square.
c)  We shared a $275 a month apartment.

a)  If I can stay warm this winter,
b)  If my health allows me to work long hours,
c)  If people from Northern Climes come here for Yule,
d)  If the teams i the Sugarbowl are from PROSPEROUS Northern Climes,
maybe, just MAYBE I can maybe enough $$ to begin seeking for a permanent home.

       Similarly for Mardi Gras and Valentine's Day.

       The aspiration is to have enough $$ to get a home after Gras.  Rent to own would be ideal.  A duplex would be even better.  Relatively Safe neighborhood half the distance to work would be ideal.

       No idea if this is even remotely possible, but it is what I want.

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Location, Location, Loction!

        My incredibly shitty Virgin WiFi behaves much better on Jackson Square than here at the TIRC/ ptsde awy from steel and cntrete buildngs, I suppose.

       One more reason to quest for an older wooden home.

       My bandwidth seems to be being consumed faster than usual.  My "month" may be only 2 weeks.  Gotta make more $$.