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Alobar Greywalker: Magickal Record (aka Frater PVN, LA-BAJ-AL)

My Ever Evolving Grimoire: The Book of the Confluence of Forces

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Alobar Greywalker
27 May 1945

      On the cosmic level, I am a theogenist who seeks to re-mythify that which is called reality, as well as that which has the potential of becoming reality. On the personal level, I am an alchemist, with a strong interest in entheogens, consciousness expansion, and indefinite prolongation of life, while maximizing the quality of life. The interplay between these two extremes manifests as a living mutable texture within which my life & philosophies evolve.

      I am a Thelemite & co-founder of the Chthonic/Auranian-Templars of Thelema (C/A-ToT), which was once known as the Chthonic/Auranian Ordo Templi Orientis (C/A-OTO). See here for details: http://www.caoto.org/ While I certainly do enjoy creative dynamic ritual magick, I am far more shamanic in practice than a practitioner of the Rosicrucian/Masonic/Golden Dawn traditions.    

      I have been involved in the 23 Current since before it had that name, and may possibly have been responsible for the 23 Current getting its name. I am a current member of & past lodgemaster of the Esoteric Order of Dagon, as well as the founder of the Miskatonic Alchemykal Expedition (which began as the Miskatonic Alchemical Expedition, back nearly 20 years ago).

      As a pantheist, I feel everything is sacred, but I hold nothing sacrosanct.  Like Crowley, I feel everything is questionable, and should be questioned assiduously on a regular basis. That said, over the decades I have found certain myths and techniques to be useful — whether they be in any sense ultimately true, or not.

      I have been involved in the Horus/Maat Lodge nearly since its inception, and am most often a throneholder of the Sphere of Daäth.     Although, it could truthfully be said that I work Chaos Magick, my groking of that concept pre-dates my knowledge of Peter Caroll's work.  My understanding of this field developed thru my work within the Typhonain OTO, my informal associations with various Discordian magickians, and various practical work with people from diverse backgrounds.

      Since May of 1993, I have been a Tarot & Palmistry Counselor out on Jackson Square in the French Quarter of New Orleans. I am a past V° member of the Typhonian OTO, I was briefly a Minerval in the Caliphate OTO, and just as briefly a Neophyte in the Order of the Golden Dawn.   I am a II° in Coven Beth-Ra-Lune, a Thelemic-Gardnarian coven.  My website is under construction. In a very real sense, my blog here at LiveJournal is my on-going, ever-evolving web presence. Some of my earlier writings are also scattered throughout the web under the names Frater PVN, Bill Siebert, and Alobar Greywalker.  None of my older chapbooks are currently in print, but a new book should be published sometime in 2005.

      I have been a celibate old fart for the past 6 or so years because I am very picky as to who I connect with sexually, but I am still quite fond of sexually open young women with interests similar to my own. Tobacco, needle drugs, and all uncontrolled addictions turn me off.

          Below is a (probably not complete) listing of my magickal writings I have discovered on the web, or placed there myself.  If anyone has any additions to this list, please e-mail me. If anyone would like to host some of my writings, also please drop me a note.  Feel free to post the links below onto your website, so long as you are favorably disposed towards this form of magick. I just checked them today (9/23/2005) and all are working links as of this date.


      The entire contents of my blog at LiveJournal is published under Creative Commons License, some rights reserved. Click on button below for further information as to how you may use my writings and images. When in doubt, contact me via e-mail at Alobar@Gmail.com.

Creative Commons License

      The text in the poster below is not of my creation. Most of the poster is an extended quote by John Lilly. Lilly used the same concept in different places with slightly different wording. I am not sure exactly where this particular quote was lifted from. At the top of the right column are two versions of the Mentat's Creed. The upper quote is by Frank Herbert taken from his book, Dune. Below that is a Reformulation of the Mentat's Creed done by Marik, aka Mark Defrates.

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